Holiday rentals in Provence with private pool

Slow Provence is a holiday rental specialist and has selected high-quality homes for rent, from charming gîtes and villas with a pool, to typical Provençal mas. Whether you're a family with children, a group of friends or a couple, let us tempt you with one of our rentals with private pool for your next holiday in Provence.

Holiday rentals by destination: Mont Ventoux region - Bedoin - Malaucène - Crillon le Brave

Why choose to rent a holiday home in Provence?

Provence enjoys a staggering 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s a corner in the South of France where dreams of “the good life” become a reality. It’s where unspoilt countryside and nature abound against a backdrop of colourful landscapes. You’ll find bustling Provençal markets, a renowned wine-tasting trail and typical Provençal cuisine, not to mention its rich cultural heritage. Provence is an ideal holiday destination to explore as a family, among friends, with your dog or as a couple!

The benefits of renting a villa or gîte with private pool in Provence:

Booking a holiday rental with pool in Provence means choosing luxury, quality accommodation for a holiday offering 100% rest and relaxation. Whether you prefer a contemporary villa with modern design or a stone farmhouse typical of Provence, all our holiday rentals have a private pool, high-quality facilities and a quiet setting for a blissful holiday in Provence.