Towns and villages of Vaucluse, Provence

You will uncover the charm and authenticity of Provence by exploring the small towns and rural villages with their fountains, former wash houses small cobbled streets and stone... Slow Provence invites you to discover the peaceful towns and villages located in the heart of the Vaucluse and Mont Ventoux region.

Aubignan is a small town in Vaucluse at foot of the Dentelles of Montmirail

Aubignan is a charming village which, with its small historic centre and wine estates, offers an authentic version of Provence and is located close to many of the region's tourist highlights.

Avignon provençal town & capital of Vaucluse and Côte du Rhône

Avignon is known as the "City of Popes", quite simply because several popes resided there between 1309 and 1411. The presence of the seat of Western Christianity led a large number of wealthy Italian merchants to the Comtat Venaissin. Many traces of this period remain, such as the Palais des Papes.

Beaumes de Venise, a charming village near Dentelles de Montmirail

Backing onto the Dentelles de Montmirail hills and well sheltered from the Mistral, Beaumes de Venise is a picturesque Provençal village that benefits from almost daily sunshine, not to mention the wineries that produce Côtes du Rhône appellation wines and, in particular, the muscat doux de Beaumes de Venise.

Bédoin at the very foot of Mont Ventoux

With the Mont Ventoux starting point, Bédoin is a favourite destination among cyclists the world over. With its plethora of small shops and its sprawling Provençal market, here you can experience a pleasant, authentic version of Provence.

Blauvac, small provençal village at the foot of the Mont Ventoux

Blauvac is a charming little Provencal village dominating from the top of a hill a vast expanse of vineyards and fields of cherry trees. By climbing the streets of the village we come across beautiful views of the nature of the Mont Ventoux biosphere reserve of which it is a part.

Cairanne, provençal village and Côte du Rhône vintage wine

Known for its vintage classed as Côtes du Rhône Villages, Cairanne is a small village divided between its old part known as “old village”, with its preserved ramparts, and the more modern part where most residences and businesses are located.

Caromb, provençal village in Vaucluse at the foothill of Mont Ventoux

Backing onto the foothills of Mont Ventoux, Caromb is truly enchanting, with its many gates and its labyrinth of narrow lanes dating from the medieval and Renaissance periods. From the village, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over the Comtat Venaissin plain.

Carpentras, town in Vaucluse & capital of the tuffle in South of France

At the foot of Mont Ventoux, Carpentras is where the good life meets good food. Famous for its delicious strawberries and prestigious truffle market, you can enjoy discovering the town’s heritage, but also the nearby sites of interest.

Crillon Le Brave, a perched village facing Mont Ventoux

Perched on its rocky hilltop, the village claims to have the most beautiful panoramic view of Mont Ventoux and part of the Rhône valley. Tranquillity reigns supreme here and you can get away from it all, enjoying the mild Mediterranean climate and the charm of its old stone buildings.

Entrechaux, provençal village near the Mont Ventoux

Entrechaux is a charming Provencal village dominated by its medieval castle and crossed by the confluence of two rivers: L'Ouvèze and the Toulourenc.

Flassan, tiny village at the foot of Mont Ventoux

This village, with house façades entirely rendered in ochre and surrounded by vast fields of cherry trees, is a real sight to behold and makes the trip worthwhile. This is a place that exudes all the charm of the Provençal countryside, combined with the peace and quiet that reigns in the Mont Ventoux region.

Le Barroux, small medieval village in Provence behind Mont Ventoux

Perched on the hillside, the village of Le Barroux catches your eye before you even leave the road, with its majestic Renaissance château towering over it. Once you arrive, it’s a joy to saunter along its labyrinth of streets peppered with stone houses, and its magnificent viewpoint overlooking the Vaucluse from the top of the hill.

L'Isle sur la Sorgue

On the fresh, clear waters of the Sorgue, the centre of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is a really lovely place to stroll all year round.

Malaucène, small town in Provence behind Mont Ventoux, perfect for cycling

Nestled in the hollow of a valley along the northern road of Mont Ventoux, Malaucène is a picturesque village with various amenities and a mix of heritage and nature to provide the perfect holiday setting in authentic Provence.

Mazan, provençal village between Mont Ventoux and Carpentras

Between vineyards and olive groves at the foot of Mont Ventoux, the village of Mazan is the perfect place to find peace and relaxation while not straying too far from the main tourist attractions and activities that the Vaucluse has to offer.

Mormoiron provençal village at the footstep of Mont Ventoux

Part of the Mont Ventoux biosphere park, Mormoiron is a peaceful village with a surrounding natural landscape dominated by vineyards.

Mornas, medieval village in Provence with a stunning fortress

At the foot of the 137 metre (450 feet)-high cliff, which is dominated by a fortress, the Provençal village of Mornas is bustling thanks to its medieval history, small shops and restaurants...

Pernes les Fontaines

As the name suggests, Pernes Les Fontaines is the town of fountains! No less than 40 ancient fountains are dotted around the place that has been thus named since 1936. There are fountains of all shapes and sizes - covered with moss or mascaron, monumental or minuscule...

Sainte-Cécile Les Vignes

With its vineyard stretching as far as the eye can see, Sainte Cécile Les Vignes is a village renowned for its Côtes du Rhône Villages terroir in the heart of green Provence.

Saint-Pierre de Vassols

A small village with close ties to the history of Crillon-le-Brave, Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols is a little corner of Provençal countryside where holiday-makers looking for calm and authenticity can really get away from it all.

Sarrians, small provençal town in the Côte du Rhone vineyards

Situated between Orange and Carpentras, Sarrians is a small town close to all the tourist attractions of Provence and served by a host of small shops.

Valréas, small village between the Vaucluse and Provençal Drôme

Capital of the Papal Enclave, this piece of land is in the very heart of the Drôme Provençale but belongs to the Vaucluse department. Valréas is a village steeped in its past and bustling throughout the year, with many events organised by the local council.

Venasque, classed as one of "The Most beautiful villages of France"

Perched on its rocky outcrop at the edge of the Gorges of the Nesque river and the plain of Carpentras, Venasque is a village that has preserved its stone and its medieval heritage, making it one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”.

Villes sur Auzon

Villes-sur-Auzon is a true little gem in the Mont Ventoux region. Surrounded by vineyards and pine forests, you will fall in love with the peaceful setting of this Provençal village, in the shade of its wide avenues lined with plane trees.

The villages of the Luberon

Busier than the villages in the Ventoux area, the perched hilltop villages of the Luberon are nevertheless worth a trip, with their stone houses, magnificent views over the surrounding countryside, and wonderful gourmet pit-stops..