Entrechaux, provençal village near the Mont Ventoux

Entrechaux, provençal village near the Mont Ventoux

When we arrive in Entrechaux, our eyes automatically rise to the sky to admire the unmissable medieval stone castle in ruins overlooking the village from its hill and facing the "Giant of Provence". The village and its environment constitute a magical place where life is sweet between a maze of small streets, stone houses and abundant vegetation on the hills and plains all around its epicenter. In Entrechaux, you almost believe that life is rhythmic to the sound of the water flow, produced by the two rivers, named Ouvèze and Toulourenc, intersecting in this tourist place.

The Medieval Castle of Entrechaux

Dominating the top of a hill and overlooking the rest of the village, the Château d'Entrechaux stands proudly facing Mont Ventoux and is the best place to admire the surrounding environment at 360 °. This ruin dating from the 10th and 12th century was for a long time the property of the papacy and the resort of the Bishop of Vaison-La-Romaine. Abandoned, it was the target of looting by villagers and bandits who reused the stones to build their own houses.

Private property today, it serves as an apprenticeship course for apprentice stonemasons wishing to learn the techniques of yesteryear. Guided tours are available in summer to find out.

The 3 chapels circuit

A walking tour takes you to discover the 3 norman chapels of Entrechaux :

  • The Chapel of Notre-Dame de Nazareth : built in the 12th century on a plateau where the first inhabitants were the Celto-Ligurians and then the Gallo-Romans, this chapel, a real vestige of Romanesque architecture, was born from the stones of an ancient roman temple on the same site, dedicated to Diana, goddess of the hunt.
  • La Chapelle Saint-André : dating from the Merovingian period, this chapel is the oldest building in the town of Entrechaux. Built in the 9th century, it has been altered several times over the centuries. However, the surviving apse dates from its early days.
  • Saint Laurent Chapel : built in the 11th century and remodeled in the 12th century, this small chapel is remarkable for its Roman tile roof and its freestone architecture.

Swimming in L'Ouvèze

Under the small Saint-Michel bridge, the very shallow Ouvèze flows gently, mingling in summer with the smell of pines and the sound of cicadas, making this place a privileged place for locals to bathe with the family. and cool off on the hottest summer days. With the surrounding vegetation, it is easy to find shady spots to rest, take a nap or read a light novel.

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