Carpentras, town in Vaucluse & capital of the tuffle in South of France

Carpentras, town in Vaucluse & capital of the tuffle in South of France

In the heart of the Vaucluse, the town of Carpentras, looking towards the Giant of Provence, has much to offer to those who visit it.
Once a large town of the Comtat Venaissin where the Popes stayed between 1229 and 1791, there are still many traces of this glorious past in and around the town centre.
Here you can discover its dapper ochre facades, its cool streets, its fountains and its charming little squares.
Stop for a moment to make some gourmet stops where gastronomy is king. Strawberries, truffles, berlingots, there is something for everyone.
This town, with its exceptional natural heritage, at the gateway to the Mont Ventoux, also offers you numerous activities for discovery and sport.

The truffle market

Every Friday in winter, between mid-November and mid-February, the town of Carpentras comes alive with its prestigious black truffle market.
It is the meeting place for traders, restaurateurs and brokers who come to buy the precious black diamond from local truffle growers.
The price varies from one period to another between 850 and 1500€ and often reaches its peak before the end of the year.
The Carpentras market is a real reference for the entire truffle market in Europe as it sets the market price.

The famous Berlingots and sweets from Carpentras

Legend has it that Pope Clement V was behind the design of the Berlingot de Carpentras candied sweet.

The Confiserie du Mont Ventoux, founded in 1946, is an artisanal factory of Berlingots de Carpentras, nougats, Provencal biscuits, lollipops and pralines.
This confectionery is one of the oldest artisanal factory of Berlingots de Carpentras in activity, which is to heart to perpetuate this ancestral tradition present in Carpentras since the beginning of 1800.

Find out more: website Confiserie du Mont Ventoux

Founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Léon CLAVEL, confectioner, the CLAVEL candy factory was taken over by his son Marcel, who set up in Carpentras in 1934.
It has long been a meeting place for gourmets, and still is today.

Find out more: Website clavel-confiserie

The famous Carpentras strawberries

Cléry, Ciflorette or Garriguette...
The Carpentras strawberry is renowned for its gustatory qualities, due to the exceptional sunshine and ripening conditions.

In May, the Strawberry Festival takes place, with its sales of strawberries from producers, its workshops for children, its culinary demonstrations, its musical entertainment ... a greedy and jovial moment.

The Market

Classified as an exceptional market for its atmosphere and the quality of its products, the Provençal market invades the town every Friday morning with its 350 fairground vendors.
It is a palette of colours, tastes and scents that enliven the streets of Carpentras town centre.

Good to know: two free car parks (station car park or sports complex car park) to park your vehicle are served by a free shuttle bus which will take you to the foot of the market.

Carpentras Synagogue

Built in 1367 under the pontificate of Avignon, the synagogue of Carpentras is the oldest synagogue still in operation in France. A large Jewish community had settled in the town and was placed under the security of the Pope following the persecutions carried out by the Kingdom of France against the Israelite people. It is an emotional place that bears witness to the Judeo-Provençal civilisation of the past and present.

The Carpentras Tourist Office offers guided tours to retrace the history of the Jews at the time of the Popes with a tour of the Jewish quarters and a visit to the synagogue.

Bookings on: +33 (0)4 90 63 39 97

Find out more here:  synagoguedecarpentras website or Carpentras website

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Visits and activities near Carpentras, town in Vaucluse & capital of the tuffle in South of France

Le Mont Ventoux

Standing at 1912 metres high, Mont Ventoux dominates the Provençal landscape, hence its nickname "The Giant of Provence". Here are just a few ideas of trips and activities around Mont Ventoux...

Sweets & Treats

Berlingots from Carpentras, candied fruits, black nougat and other gourmet specialties of Provence for the happiness of all taste buds ...