Mornas, medieval village in Provence with a stunning fortress

Mornas, medieval village in Provence with a stunning fortress

Passed back and forth between the Kingdom of France, the counts of Toulouse and the papacy, flooded many times by the Rhône river and victim of conflicts and violent massacres during the French Wars of Religion, the tumultuous past of Mornas is now a distant memory. Life seems to flow peacefully in harmony with the river running alongside the village, and human activity is focused around its Cour des Platanes and medieval fortress dominating the cliff side.

The Fortress of Mornas

Dating back to the 10th century, the military defence of this citadel was reinforced in the 12th century when it fell into the hands of the counts of Toulouse, who handed it over to papal authority from the 13th century. After the Wars of Religion, the building was left to ruin until, in 1977, the "Friends of Mornas" association launched its restoration.

We recommend the tour with guides in costume who will immerse you in this era of knights with realistic re-enactments of medieval life in the castle. An uninterrupted view across the Rhône Valley awaits you when you reach the defensive wall.

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“Le Manoir” Restaurant

At the foot of the cliff in a charming 18th-century building, with a shady terrace and garden, “Le Manoir” serves sophisticated Provençal food using 100% authentic fresh produce.

Hôtel Restaurant Le Manoir

Reservations on: +33 (0) 04 90 37 00 79

Medieval Mornas

Every year, one Sunday in July, the village of Mornas puts on a party, and proudly celebrates its medieval past with villagers in period costume inviting you to take part in activities and step back in time to the daily life of residents in the Middle Ages, including re-enactments and theatre sketches.

A market of hand-picked artisans is set up on the Cour des Platanes, where skills and trades from the time of the knights are on display.

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