Malemort du Comtat

Malemort du Comtat

The name of the village of Malemort means “bad death” and harks back to the episode in the Middle Ages when King Charles Martel exterminated all the residents of the old town known as “Calvias”, following the Saracen invasion. This tumultuous period seems a distant memory nowadays, as life in the village goes by peacefully, following the rhythm of the seasons around which the farming calendar is organised. Surrounding the village is a real fruit paradise where orchards and vineyards stand side by side and create an enchanting world for anyone who jumps on their bike and pedals through this slice of idyllic countryside.

The “smart tour”

Discover the heart of the village of Malemort, and its own unique heritage by travelling back in time with the help of the "izi travel" app, available to download onto your smartphone. It will guide you along your route and provide commentary on points of interest.

The Bories de la Gariguette hike

This two-hour hike starts from the Malemort town hall (Mairie) and will lead you along country tracks around the village to explore the “bories”, small igloo-like dry-stone structures used for several centuries, sometimes as refuges and sometimes as tool storage for farmers and farm workers.

The map for this route can be downloaded from

The Tout Ventoux tea shop

This shop specialises in tea made from the plants and herbs of Provence. Green tea, black tea, infusions, herbal teas, red bush and others are available, with subtle, elegant, gourmet and bold blends.

Paradise for big tea drinkers ;-)

La Colombe, oil mill

This cooperative brings together the oil growers of Malemort du Comtat, who produce olive oil exclusively with the Carpentras variety known as Aglandu. Equipped with modern machinery, the mill preserves the ancestral first cold pressed technique.

The mill is open from 09:00 to 12:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for tours, tastings and purchases.

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Visits and activities near Malemort du Comtat

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