Terroir and Traditions

Provence, a land of character, has forged unique traditions and terroir over the years. Discover the ancestral rites, gastronomic specialties and unique know-how that shape the identity of this beautiful region. Let yourself be carried away by the stories, flavors and customs that make up the rich heritage of Provence.

The Black Truffle season is here !

Autumn took its time to settle in. Nevertheless, the season of black truffles and the markets dedicated to them has returned. Around Mont Ventoux, when we talk about truffles, we're not referring to Christmas chocolate treats. No, the local star is the tuber melanosporum, which brings fame to...

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Olive oil : the Provencal yellow gold

Provence is well known for its yellow gold: olive oil! This cooking ingredient used in most Provençal dishes such as ratatouille or pump oil (fougasse) comes from an often unrecognized ancestral production.

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The olive tree, emblem of Provence

Provence is well known for its olive trees and olives! Emblem of Provence, it is found all over the Provençal coast and its fruit is extracted from Provençal yellow gold: olive oil. Today we invite you to discover the history of the olive tree and the...

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Wine near Mont Ventoux

Renowned for its outdoor activities and its legendary cycling challenge, Mont-Ventoux is also the cradle of a vineyard of character that benefits from a microclimate and an exceptional environment. From Vaison-la-Romaine to Apt, get on board with us to discover the riches of this evolving...

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Celebrate Christmas in Provence

If you love Provence during summer, you have to know that the region deserve to be visited during all the season and especially during christmas time because it's a magical period here. You will love to heard christmas song, to see beautiful lights everywhere and enjoying to walk in the...

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