The Black Truffle season is here !

The Black Truffle season is here !

The 'black diamond' of Comtat

Did you know that Vaucluse is the leading department in producing the famous black truffle, known as the winter truffle because its harvest runs from mid-November to mid-March? It has a relatively round shape with protuberances and a slightly granular surface whose roughness resembles the facets of a diamond... hence its nickname! This precious mushroom with a woody fragrance and a strong aroma goes well with very simple dishes and is often consumed raw, grated directly over certain dishes: a slice of buttered bread, scrambled eggs, or a rich cheese like Brie or Brillat-Savarin are enough to reveal its full flavor.


Where to get black truffles?

If you don't personally know a producer, the simplest way is to visit the truffle markets in Vaucluse. One of the oldest and most significant is in Carpentras, held every Friday morning (8 am-12 pm) during the season. On Aristide-Briand Square, it's the meeting place for professionals. Truffle growers, chefs, and brokers follow a precise ritual there: hushed discussions, discreet weighing, cash payments... Not far away, on the forecourt of the Maison de Pays, is the retail market, catering to individuals. There, you can choose your truffles based on their size but especially the intensity of their fragrance. However, be aware that the average price of retail-sold 'rabasse' ranges between €800 and €1400 per kg.


Meeting the truffle hunters

Do you want to know more about how this mysterious mushroom, which grows underground in limestone, sandy, or clayey soil, is harvested? The best way is to accompany a truffle hunter to the heart of a natural truffle grove. 'Caveur' (gatherer) or 'rabassier' is the name given to these enthusiasts that you meet under the oaks on winter days, armed with a hoe and assisted by a dog trained from a young age. Some offer discovery sessions, sometimes followed by a tasting, like the Espenon family in Saint-Didier or the Jaumard brothers in Monteux. It's an opportunity to interact with committed truffle growers who have turned their passion into a profession.


Gourmet getaway in Provence

Treat yourself to a sunny getaway this winter; at Slow Provence, we can create a stay centered around truffles for you, with cozy accommodation, a truffle hunting experience with a professional truffle grower, followed by a 100% truffle meal... A chance to escape for a weekend or more in the South to soak up the sun and create lasting memories!

Not far from there, for your holidays with family or friends, discover Mazet de Camille in Carpentras!