A truly unique stay at Villa Slow

A truly unique stay at Villa Slow

Villa Slow? Behind this name hides not only a house freshly renovated by the Slow Provence agency, but also a pavilion respecting the values that underpin today's new way of thinking about furnishings and decoration: slow design.

Slow design, what's it all about?

Echoing movements such as slow tourism and slow food, slow design is a trend that counters mass production and the accumulation of standardized objects by promoting simple, ecological and ethical decoration, with a focus on unique or limited-edition pieces, usually handcrafted, furniture and objects that are more sustainable or created from recycled materials. This eco-responsible approach was adopted in the design of the Slow villa.

Villa Slow: simplicity and naturalness

The villa features a personalized interior that prioritizes quality and authenticity over quantity. An uncluttered, soothing ambience to which each object brings its own particular cachet. Neutral colors and natural, noble materials such as solid wood, travertine, cotton and linen. To limit the impact of the renovation, we have kept as many original elements as possible, which have been tastefully restyled, or used second-hand furniture. For the rest, priority was given to items made in France or to objects and equipment made, at the very least, in Europe.

Our commitment to the environment

In renovating this attractive single-storey villa, we've thought not only about your comfort, but also about respect for the environment. That's why we paid particular attention to insulation, to limit the need for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. The pool is equipped with an energy-efficient heat pump, coupled with a thermal bubble cover that heats the water and keeps it at a natural temperature, while limiting evaporation in summer or on windy days. There are also plans to install solar panels to make the house self-sufficient in energy and a 25m3 cistern to collect rainwater.

A villa for family living

While the Slow villa invites you to take your time, it's also the perfect family home: four beautiful bedrooms, a pleasant south-facing terrace, a 1500m² enclosed garden, a secure swimming pool (alarm and wooden fence) with deckchairs, a trampoline, a ping-pong table, games for the little ones, etc. There's something for all ages. There's something for all ages and tastes. Slightly off-center, it's very quiet, but only a 10-minute walk from the village, where teenagers will also appreciate the city-stadium (football/basketball pitch) and tennis courts. And to really bring the family together, even well-behaved and friendly dogs are welcome!

Slow tourism in Provence

If the Provençal art of living is defined by a certain praise for slowness and simplicity, wouldn't the best way to enjoy it be to adopt a slow attitude when traveling? Don't hesitate, the Villa Slow is exactly what you need!

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