Mont Ventoux: 5 good reasons to stay off-season

Mont Ventoux: 5 good reasons to stay off-season

Enjoy the mild climate

If there's one tradition we love to indulge in on holiday, it's the siesta, which has become a veritable art of living in Provence. There's nothing like taking a break during the hottest part of the day... But when the excessive temperatures encourage you to stay in the shelter of closed shutters and prevent you from quenching your thirst for discovery, it's not so much fun. Out of season, the days may not be as long, but they are almost as sunny as in summer... minus the heat! Temperatures remain mild, making it easier to enjoy nature, and even in the depths of winter you can enjoy a drink or lunch outside when the sun is shining on the south-facing terraces.

Rediscover peace and authenticity

We all have the distressing image of villages and resorts devoted entirely to tourism and deserted from September to June. But around the Ventoux, our villages remain lively all year round, and what you lose in excitement you gain in authenticity! Staying in the low season offers the dual advantage ofavoiding the summer crowds while enjoying a personalised welcome and more authentic encounters with the locals, shopkeepers and tourism professionals, who are less busy and therefore more relaxed. Spring and autumn are also the best seasons for hiking in the massif, especially as from1 July to 15 September the trails are sometimes closed due to the risk of fire.


Protect your wallet

Let's face it, these days there are no small savings to be made! Apart from the fact that you'll have more choice when you book and greater flexibility when it comes to the dates on offer, especially for short breaks, it goes without saying that rates will be much more attractive out of season. Demand is lower in spring and autumn, and even lower in winter, so service providers generally offer very attractive packages. So make the most of this opportunity to treat yourself to a weekend away from it all, solo, as a couple or with your family, in our beautiful Vaucluse region!

Fill up on light and colour

Ah, the incomparable light and dazzling colours of the Provençal landscapes! There is, of course, the exceptional blue sky which, in autumn and winter, due to the very dry air, takes on flamboyant hues at sunrise and sunset. In spring, it's the almond trees that open the ball, sometimes as early as February, with their bouquets of white flowers with hints of pink. They herald the blossoming of cherry trees and poppies, which create huge carpets of scarlet. In autumn, the flamboyant colours of the vines revive the hitherto sun-drenched landscapes. And when, in the depths of winter, Mont Ventoux dons a sparkling white cap, it almost looks like Mount Fuji...

Relax with Slow Provence

So that you can enjoy all the benefits of an off-season break, the Slow Provence agency offers you a wide selection of holiday rentals throughout the year. Don't hesitate any longer, and come and enjoy the Ventoux region before everyone else, on a forthcoming weekend or during the spring holidays...

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