Wine near Mont Ventoux

Renowned for its outdoor activities and its legendary cycling challenge, Mont-Ventoux is also the cradle of a vineyard of character that benefits from a microclimate and an exceptional environment. From Vaison-la-Romaine to Apt, get on board with us to discover the riches of this evolving terroir, placed under the protection of the “Giant of Provence”!

Why are wines close to Mont Ventoux famous?

Very favorable climatic conditions and environment

An emblematic silhouette of the region, Mont Ventoux continues to attract sports and nature lovers. But its vineyards are also to be discovered!
Located in the heart of Provence, the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Ventoux (AOC) benefits from plenty of sunshine and the warmth of the Mediterranean climate. The Mistral, which blows frequently, dries up the rare rains. Mont Ventoux has also been classified as a biosphere reserve since 1990. The vineyard thus benefits from a rich and preserved biodiversity.
The AOC Ventoux is a Vaucluse vineyard that covers 6,700 hectares. It is divided into 3 sectors: the Carpentras plain in the center, the Malaucène basin between the Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail massif to the north, and finally the southern sector, separated from the Carpentras basin by the Vaucluse mountains.
The diversity of the terroirs gives different specificities to the wines from which they come. But the climatic conditions are similar and are therefore very favorable, whatever the sector, for the production of quality wines.

The wine and vineyards in Provence near Mont Ventoux

Vigne and Ventoux: an ancient alliance

Recent archaeological discoveries have shown that the cultivation of the vine on this soil is one of the oldest in France ... Near Mazan was discovered a potter's workshop which made amphorae to store wine, dating from the 1st century BC. time. In Saignon, archaeologists have unearthed a Gallo-Roman villa which produced oil and wine.
Much later, the popes settled in Avignon, lovers of good wine, acquired land and planted vines, like Clément V who created the first papal vineyard in Malaucène. His successor John XXII will imitate him in Calcernier. This will be the beginning of the fame of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The growing reputation of Ventoux wines later earned them the status of “Court wines” at the table of King Louis-Philippe.

Vineyards and cellar near Mont Ventoux

Which wines to taste near Mont Ventoux?

The AOC Ventoux belongs to the Côte du Rhône appellation. It is the 2nd AOC of the Rhône Valley, and the 10th French AOC in red. It produces around 285,000 hectoliters each year. There are 15 cooperative cellars and 140 private cellars.
9 grape varieties are grown in sustainable agriculture, that is to say taking into consideration the protection of the environment, but also the health and well-being of the animal. Grenache noir and Syrah mainly, but also Cinsault, Mourvèdre or Carignan, whose marriages create the red wines which constitute the great majority of volumes (85%) and the rosés. The rarer whites come from blends of Clairette, Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc and Roussanne.
The reds, which connoisseurs praise for the aromas of red fruits and spices complemented by woody touches, go very well with grilled or marinated meats. They are used at 16 °.
The rosés, a deep pink, reveal floral touches and red fruits. They are served with fish, cold meats, or as an aperitif. They are drunk chilled at 10 ° C.
The whites, whose floral scents (acacia) mingle with citrus and almond notes, go very well with fish in sauce. Enjoy them at 11 ° C.

falls in the vineyards, vintage time in Provence

To better discover the Ventoux vineyard, the “Vineyards and discoveries” label

The "Vineyards and Discoveries" label offers quality products and services allowing visitors to discover the world of wine. The “Autour du Ventoux” destination obtained this label in 2018. Tourism players benefiting from the label (cellars, campsites, restaurants) guarantee you a welcome quality.
Among other producers, we offer you a little spotlight on Château Pesquié. Located in one of the oldest wine-growing areas in the region, this estate has been committed to a "sustainable" approach for years, conducted in sustainable agriculture for more than 16 years and tested in organic agriculture for 5 years. Like several other estates, it offers tours and tastings.
You are now ready to become true connoisseurs of Mont Ventoux wines!

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