3 ideas for family hikes on Mont Ventoux

3 ideas for family hikes on Mont Ventoux

The Pitchouns trail

As its name suggests - "pitchoun" means "little child" in Provence - this trail in the Perrache forest, some 1,000 m above sea level, is specially dedicated to them. It leads them in the footsteps of Tilou and Marcou to discover the trees and animals of the Ventoux. There are two easy routes, 2.5 km (1h30) and 3.5 km (2h30), the longer of which takes you as far as the Font d'Angiou, one of the springs rising from the massif. As the icing on the cake, this "fountain of Angels" flows all year round, making it an ideal spot for a picnic or snack.

Access via the D974 (route du Mont-Ventoux) - departure from the Jas des Mélettes parking lot, at a place called Perrache (13 km from Bédoin) - orange-marked path.


The Jean-Henri Fabre trail

In the heart of the Mont-Serein resort, at an altitude of 1,400 m, a discovery trail named in tribute to the famous Provencal entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre, follows an old forest track on the northern slopes of Mont Ventoux. Three easy loops, 2.2 km (1 hr), 4.7 km (2 hrs) and 5.5 km (2 hrs 30 mins), can be combined for those with weaker calves. Along the way, you'll learn plenty about transhumance, plants, endemic trees, rare birds and more. As a bonus, you'll discover beautiful panoramic views all the way to the first snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Access via the D974 (route du Mont-Ventoux) - departure from the Mont-Serein resort reception chalet (16 km from Malaucène) - marked green, yellow or red trails.


The Ventoux wildlife trail

Finally, off to the Ventouret state forest! On the road between Chalet Reynard and Sault, a huge metal stag marks the trailhead. A 2.2 km (1h) loop, punctuated by playful facilities and land art, invites you to discover the great fauna that populates the massif (deer, roe deer, chamois, mouflons). You can try to spot their tracks, lie in wait in a hut, or take advantage of the suspended observatory to enjoy a view of the Sault plateau and Lure mountain. More unusual: do you dare venture out on the trail after dark? Don't worry, it's equipped with reflective markers to guide you in the dark. Ideal for learning to listen to the forest...

Access via the D164, 3 km from Chalet Reynard or 17 km from Sault - departure from Font Margot.


But before you go...

Please note that during the summer season (from July 1 to September 15), Mont Ventoux trails are sometimes closed to the public due to the risk of fire. Before setting off, check with the Vaucluse prefecture (t. 04 28 31 77 11) or visit www.risque-prevention-incendie.fr/vaucluse.

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