Celebrate Christmas in Provence

Celebrate Christmas in Provence

A Christmas in Provence

The traditional christmas markets in Provence

Christmas markets in Provence are truly an old tradition that we honor every year and that you should not miss to discover! It 's really relaxing to walk slowly between the small chalets settled everywhere in the towns and villages near the Mont Ventoux, to smell truffles, grilled chestnut, french cheese and drink a hot wine perfumed with cinnamon and ginger to warm you up at the nightfall.

Christmas celebrations in Provence

Christmas in Provence means celebrations! Towns and villages of Vaucluse are decorated with enchanting lights that will delight children and adults. Parades and shows with lights and music and other events are organised every week-ends during December in town-centers. Spend christmas in Provence is a warantie to have fun for your next winter vacation in family.

The christmas traditions of Provence

The provençal traditions of Christmas are a succesion of ceremonies. Celebrations start on December the 4th that corresponds to the "Sainte-Barbe" where we are used to sow seeds of wheat and lentil in 3 saucers that anounce a good year for the family and the harvest  if plant have already grown up on christmas day.

The nativity scene and Santons in Provence

You can find small crèche of Santons everywhere into the villages, churches and houses of Provence that reflect an old tradition since the french Revolution. Santons are small figurines representing the different characters in a provençal village of the 19th century and it means "little saints". It makes part today of the local handycraft that you could find into the christmas provençal markets.

The Christmas Eve Dinner in Provence

During the Christmas Eve dinner, before the mass, we serve the "Big Supper", where we serve 7 different light meals that record the 7 pains of the Virgin. When we come back from the mass, we serve the traditional "13 desserts of Provence" that represent the "Last Supper" where The Christ shared with the twelve apostles followed by his misfortune. Thirteen is still consider as dangerous when you are at the table. In this 13 desserts, you find provençal flavours like quince, candied fruits, almonds, nougat... They will stay on the table during the three days after Christmas, corresponding to the three days between the death of the Christ and his resurrection.

The Provençal Yul log

In Provence the Yul log is not a patisserie! It's a regular log coming from an olive tree that died durind the past year in a natural way. During christmas Eve dinner, the oldest and the youngest of the table have to burn the log into the fire place, bless it with cooked wine and pronounce together a pray, asking to god to let them celebrate christmas one more time all together next year.

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