A summer in Provence

A summer in Provence

Under a blazing sun and in an oppressive heat, imagine peaceful afternoons spent lazing by the pool, listening to the cicadas, imagine pétanque matches accompanied by a glass of rosé or pastis... Your senses numbed by the heat, you give in to laziness... The pace slows down, time is drawn out...

The cicadas

Summer is officially settled in Provence when the first  cicadas songs arrived. They appears  often around June the 15th, when we have 3 consecutives days with more than 30 degrees. 

They spread their song in towns, villages and countryside in all the south of France. This sound is similar to a small timbal and comes from the cicadas male trying to attract the female for the reproduction.

The latecomers will sing until the mid-August before dying... 

The Terraces in Summer

Summer in Provence is generally synonym of crowded terraces...

We come to quench our thirst between friends or family with a cocktail, a beer, a pastis (the local drink),a glass od rosé or any kind of fresh drink.

It's the meeting point between, local users & tourists come to enjoy a morning coffee or a later aperitif  between the nap or the afternoon pastime.


In Provence, petanque is a real local sport !

You ca found boules pitch often the shady plane trees almost everywhere in the provençal villages. Locals come daily to play and are sometimes joined by curious visitors who would like to learn how to play or to start  a new challenge. 

If the boules pitch is empty early afternoon because of the highest temperature of the day, you will find players generally on the morning or on the late afternoon between the nap and the aperitif clock !

Our other activities

Le Vaucluse au printemps

Dès fin février / début mars, les premières fleurs d'amandier annoncent l'arrivée des beaux jours en Provence. Bientôt les premières asperges, les paniers de fraises de Carpentras, les champs de coquelicots et les vergers de cerisiers en fleurs... Le printemps en Provence, c'est un festival de couleurs éclatantes, d'odeurs enivrantes et de saveurs délicates...

L'automne en Provence

Après l'affluence de l'été, la Provence retrouve calme et sérénité en Septembre... Sous un temps doux et ensoleillé, c'est la période des vendanges et l'époque idéale pour de belles promenades en forêt pour admirer ses couleurs flamboyantes...