The Vaucluse in spring

The Vaucluse in spring

From the end of February/beginning of March, the first almond tree blossoms announce the arrival of warmer weather in Provence. Soon after come the first asparagus, punnets of Carpentras strawberries, poppy fields and cherry orchards in bloom... Springtime in Provence is a carnival of dazzling colours, intoxicating scents and delicate flavours...

Cherry trees in bloom at the foot of Mont Ventoux

Cherries are one of the main agricultural products grown in the Vaucluse. In the Mont Ventoux region, the "Monts de Venasque" cherries are cultivated with great care.

You can see cherry orchards in bloom in April and early May.
The time to enjoy their fruit is  between late May and mid July.

Poppy fields in the Vaucluse

Poppies spring up all over the roadside. From time to time, you may be lucky enough to come across a field of poppies with their flamboyant colours.

They can be spotted between Caromb and Le Barroux, with the Château du Barroux in the background, and between Bedoin and Crillon le Brave.

Wild broom in flower on the hillsides

This shrub, known as "Spanish broom" flowers in the scrub lands and bushes of Provence between late April and mid June. Its delicate scent will accompany your walks in the countryside at the foot of Mont Ventoux.

Where? In the Dentelles de Montmirail hills, between Bedoin and Crillon le Brave.

In lavender country

To see lavender fields in flower and to breathe in the real Provence, you need to choose June for your holiday around Mont Ventoux!

Season: mid June to early July

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